Now, get all of the values you need to produce your 1099-B statements!

can handle all of your wash sale reporting needs since its available in 2 different packages. The standard version gives you our custom detail report along with a variety of summary reports while the new 1099-B model produces separate 1099-B and adjustment files in addition to the custom detail report.

No matter what version of you choose to use, your flat monthly rate fee allows you to process an unlimited number of files anytime you like. Since there's no limit to either the number of transactions or the number of different securities you can process in a single file, your files can be as large as you like.

One last note on using the PC version: our system doesn't create any hidden files or change the register settings on the host computer. Its "installed" using a self-extracting executable that copies all of the necessary files to our own directory. We're sure your system folks will be very happy to hear this!